Graphic Design

Freelance, graduate school projects, and more!

Graphic Design

Freelance, graduate school projects, and more!


This project was created using Adobe Illustrator. I used a variety of tools to create these vector popsicles to achieve a realistic watercolor look. 

In this project I was tasked with using a picture of an influential person to create a text portrait effect. I chose Elon Musk and used one of his famous speeches to blend to his face enough to still show the image, but stand out enough to read the words.

Using Adobe Photoshop, I created a double exposure effect by using a side profile image, and inside of that is a mountain range photography scene. 

For this project, I created my own flavored water brand. The tone and voice for the brand was fun and light hearted. The emblem and logo are consistent and and memorable to customers making them want to come back for more. 


These are flyers and posters that I created for the elementary school I taught at as well as my personal classroom. The goal for these projects were to make them readable and kid friendly.


You can see a few different stories and posts I have created for various Instagram accounts.